The Steps that You Have to Take in Order to Become a Professional Nurse

Nursing career is a financially promising career especially if you jump into it wholeheartedly and totally. You are considered a devout nurse if you are eager to struggle from the very bottom of your career steps towards becoming one of professionals and masters in nursing. Therefore, if you are really interested in pursuing this career, you have to make sure that you can complete all academic stages whose accomplishment is required to ensure your qualification to become a nurse. You can start the whole endeavor by firstly taking associate degree in nursing (ADN) program in a junior college or bachelor’s degree of science in nursing (BSN) program in a college or a university.  After you finish your nursing study at a junior college or university and you have earned your associate degree in nursing or bachelor’s degree in nursing, you should try to become a registered nurse by taking state certification examination and passing it. Being a registered nurse is the first step of your career as a nurse.

As mentioned above, students with ADN degree have the same opportunity with that of BSN holders to become registered nurses. However, it is recommended that ADN holders take RN to BSN program in order to acquire course concentrations that they haven’t received during their study at the junior college. Because ADN program is a two-year program whereas BSN program is a four-year program, there must be a significant number of the BSN program’s course concentrations that ADN holders haven’t received. In addition, taking RN to BSN program also allows ADN holders to earn a BSN degree which becomes the primary requirement to take master of science in nursing (MSN) program.

All of those academic programs, including RN to BSN and MSN degree programs, can actually be taken either on-campus or online. Therefore, students who are currently working as fulltime nurses can accomplish their study conveniently by taking the online program.