Teaching Soft Skills

There are a number of companies that have been started to facilitate training programs and workshops in the area of Soft Skills, People Management and Self Management. While the subject matter is at the core of every trainer's objectives, every trainer aims at bringing about a shift in the behavioral mechanisms of every participant, thereby enabling them to perform better - at work and in their personal lives. The aim of teaching soft skills is to enrich lives as it facilitates training across various verticals in an organization.

A trainer is required to closely work with an organization, with the objective to develop focused and comprehensive learning modules that attend to the learning requirements of the concerned business house, by implanting the following process:

Attitude Change: Top performers possess the right attitude and skills.

Knowledge: Information, tools and strategies for success, laying a strong foundation for development.

Practice: Provide real-world challenges. Participants should be made to stretch beyond their comfort zones to include result-producing skills, activities and tasks.

Development: The trainer is required to observe and adapt to the way participants change and improve.

The Soft Skills Training Process Objective: The participants will be prepared to stretch beyond their comfort zones in order to become leaders in the industry. The facilitators will help participants develop new management skills, express themselves with confidence and clarity, contribute more productively, and above all become effective leaders and pro-active team members! Their acquired skills will make a significant impact on their working environment maximizing their contribution to the organization.

The following is an exhaustive list of Soft Skills in which training is being facilitated in various companies...

Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Rapport Building and Networking
Innovation and Creativity
Emotional Intelligence
Management Skills
Stress Management
Business Communication Skills
English Language Skills
Team Building
Assertive Skills
Time Management
Self Management
Conflict Resolution
Negotiating Skills
People Skills
Decision Making
Personality Development
Business Etiquette and Grooming
Attitude and Skill Building
Art of Delegating
Change Management
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Train the Trainer
Interviewing Skills
Art of Influencing
Presentation Skills
Coping Skills
Anger Management
Goal Setting
Memory Enhancement
Creative Thinking

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By Jennie_Kakkad