Homeschooling High School - Getting the Big Scholarships

Seeking a rigorous curriculum is the first thing that you can do to position your children and your family into a merit based scholarship.

Most colleges want to see four years of English, three to four years of math, three to four years of social studies, three years of a science, two to three years of the same foreign language, two years of P.E., one year of fine art, and electives to add up to 24 credits.

That is well and good if your goal is to simply get in to college. However, we are talking about how to get big scholarships when you go to college. This is WILL NOT be your plan if you are going for the big scholarships. In order to get a big scholarship, you have to exceed that strategy.

Make sure that you meet the highest possible criteria in every single area, knowing that you will exceed some of them. In your student's area of interest, you might exceed it by far. I have helped clients that have four credits of music per year because that's their area of strength. Be certain that you meet the bottom lines in each of the requirements, but also that you have penetrated their strengths to get them the classes they want.

It's not uncommon for students of public, private, or those that are homeschooled to have 35 or more credits. The recommendation of 24 is your bare minimum if you need a big scholarship. Keep in mind that it's a win-win situation; what could possibly go wrong if you do more than enough? They might come out better educated and better prepared for adulthood, but nothing bad is going to happen if they have more than enough credits.

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