Teaching Private Yoga Sessions

The need for Yoga instructors, who teach private lessons, has grown significantly over the past ten years. Some Yoga teachers manage to fill their schedule with private lessons throughout the day, while others may focus primarily on teaching classes to larger groups. Either way, interns taking Yoga teacher training courses, should be aware of the opportunities available to teach privately.

As Yoga has become a part of mainstream culture, people are turning to the practice, as a way of coping with long-term ailments and preventing complications in the future. While Yoga sessions, in a classroom setting, improve one's general health and promote good habits, it is not easy to address a student's individual issues and needs.

Private Sessions allow Yoga teachers to meet with their students and develop programs, that not only improve their conditions, but also prevent further injuries. While this may be a little more expensive for students initially, benefits usually pay off over the long term: Clients feel better and spend less on expensive medical care.

Advantages of Private Yoga Sessions for Students

• Development of an individualized program

• Lower risk of injury

• Increased confidence and less fear

• Greater awareness of condition and ways of coping

• Moral support

Advantages of Private Yoga Sessions for Instructors

• Unique niche

• Satisfaction of helping people

• Flexible schedule

• Better ability to oversee student's progress

• Low overhead

• Possibility of referrals

• Higher pay for specialized knowledge

• Loyal clientele

In spite of the demand for Yoga teachers, who specialize in specific areas of therapy, most people still rely on general studio and classroom teachers for help. Yoga instructors, who specialize in different areas of human anatomy, and in particular ailments or illnesses, will likely have an edge in promoting themselves, as well as attracting more students and commanding higher pay.

In addition to tailoring a lesson plan to suit particular needs, private Yoga lessons help students to understand and address the energy fields in their own bodies. Negative thinking, unhealthy emotions, and old traumas, that are stored in the body can be released, opening obstructed passageways and releasing tension in muscles and connective tissue.

Although private Yoga sessions may include many techniques, the following are common:

• Pranayama, or healthy breathing techniques

• Poses that address structural and functional concerns

• Meditation styles, such as a guided imagery or mindfulness

A few private Yoga sessions may be all it takes to give a student the confidence and knowledge needed for a successful and safe practice at home or in a Yoga class setting.

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