Astronomy for Children

Sparking your child's interest in astronomy may be one of the best decisions you make this year. Children love to learn especially if the subject is visually exciting to them. You can find out if astronomy holds an interest for your child simply, easily and without great expense using something they already have a fondness for, (your TV). There are only a hand full of good astronomy related DVD's out there, In general they are all very useful in sparking that interest in astronomy. Or they may show you that your child has no interest at this time. The History Channel (Universe) and A&E (The Planets) are very good choices.
If your child responds to the videos favorably, you may try an astronomy book appropriate for your child's reading level.

Learning about the universe and stargazing can be a very cost-effective family activity. There are group events and recreation services that offer a chance for families to learn about the universe together. These events often allow families the ability to use telescopes to view the skies, while having a knowledgeable guide to answer any questions the kids or parents may have.

If your child is showing an interest you would like to further, a telescope is obviously the next step. Telescopes range from $25.00 to $600.00. A focal length of 70mm or greater is recommended for beginners. Telescopes with a focal length under 70mm do not provide the detail needed to hold your child's interest.

Spending time with your child observing the skies is quality time your child will always remember. With luck, your child will grow up understanding the world does not revolve around them.