The History of Home Schooling

Throughout the last twenty years more and more families have opted to school their children at home. The subject of schooling kids at home has been a part of controversial discussions and has made a lot of individuals curious about what it would all entail. Children being home schooled is not a new idea. Before 1852 when a law was passed that required school attendance it was common for children to be educated at home.

The qualities that were needed to manage a home where learned by children on a daily basis. Their main learning sources were daily chores like handling the livestock, making clothes, construction and other tasks. During earlier times reading and writing were not as important as knowing how to perform other skills that were needed in order to guarantee survival. In this time children were just taught how to read and write well enough to handle necessary tasks. The chores associated with farming and other jobs came first before school lessons. Today school subjects like reading and math come first before anything else like chores and playing outside. In the 18th and 19th centuries individuals were not concerned with how effective this type of education was. Some of our histories most popular writers and inventors were schooled at home. Some of our histories most well-known individuals that were home schooled include Thomas Edison, inventor Benjamin Franklin, John Wesley, Beatrix Potter, writer Charles Dickens, and Alexander Graham Bell.

Americans began to only use public and private schools as ways to educate their children when the laws regarding compulsory attendance were enforced. After this law was passed the only places that used home schooling were rural areas and the Amish people.

We have established that this type schooling is not a new idea and has been around for a while, but in today's society it is making a comeback and some consider it to be a movement that is pioneering the way for others. The amount of families that have turned to home schooling as a way to educate their children is such a large number that it has drawn a lot of attention to the subject.

The precise time that modern day schooling at home became an issue is not known, but before the year 1970 and all the educational concerns that came along with this time occurred the practice of home schooling a child was an underground concept. The most important event concerning the popularity of families participating in home schooling was when both educational reformers and educational authors started questioning public schools techniques and what the educational quality that they were producing really was.

In recent years, home schooling has become very popular with many parents who prefer a pro-active approach towards their children's education and development. Home School offers many guides, hints and tips for parents and educators alike on this subject.

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